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(FR) 90m 剧情

Zef, twenty years old, is a simple-minded man who can only say one word: "love you". Always happy, loving everyone, he lives with his sister Sophie on a farm in the Lot. Attracted by the sad smile of Marie, he rapes her one evening without realizing the gravity of his act. Commited in a psychiatric asylum, Zef falls into a deep silence. Hugues, a doctor with avant-garde methods, is in charge of caring for Marie. He decides to confront her with Zef, convinced that her healing goes through a long reappropriation of life and love.


Patrick Sébastien Hugues Michel
Myriam Boyer Christine
Marie Denarnaud Marie Gontier
Nathalie Roussel Jeanne Michel
Jean-François Dérec le surveillant à l'hôpital psychiatrique / ancien tireur d'élite
Pierre Mirat Le maire de Martel
Étienne Draber Un médecin
Jean Lescot Gaëtan Durieux
Isabelle Tanakil Anne Gontier
Javotte Rougerie L'infirmière Berty
★★★★★ ★★★★★
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