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★★★★★ ★★★★★ 暂无评分
(CL) 140m 剧情

The elderly heir of a formerly wealthy and respected Chilean family, Andres, suffers from decadence and solitude. He hires young Estela in order to look after his tiranic and almost crazy grandmother. The differences in class and age don't stop Andres from courting Estela, whose fiancé Mario tries to make some money with the passions of his well-off rival. The suffocating atmosphere of the run-down mansion in the outskirts of Santiago represents the deterioration of the bourgeoisie, and sets the scene for the total collapse of Andres.


Julio Jung Andrés Ábalos
Boris Quercia Young Andres
Jaime Vadell Carlos Gross
Pablo Krögh Young Carlos
María Cánepa Mrs. Elisa
César Arredondo Football Coach
Juan Cuevas Coach's Assistant
Mauricio Pesutic Don Ramón
Roxana Campos Young Lourdes
Andrea Gaete Adult Elisa
Hugo Medina Radio Announcer 1 (voice) / Workshop Owner
Carolina Jerez Earthquake Prostitute
Tennyson Ferrada Retired Commander
Rosita Nicolet Tenchita
Mauricio Zenteno Francis Françoise
Claudia Hidalgo Quasar Prostitute
Luz Faunes María
María José Necochea Earthquake Drunkard Lady
Julio Silva Young Delinquent
Consuelo Holzapfel Tenchita (voice)
Francisca Eyzaguirre Phone Answer Machine (voice)
Guadalupe Bornand Radio Announcer (voice)


★★★★★ ★★★★★
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