Pigs, Players & Navy Feet


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Pigs, Players & Navy Feet(2000)

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PIGS... This cop has his own way of demanding information and getting what he wants! Degrading, but just what this hot young stud wants and needs. PLAYERS... In the locker room, one student gets caught sniffing underwear, and more foot in his balls than he can handle! NAVY... A Navy Private and his new found buddy end up sucking more toes and flesh than just a couple of drinks. FEET... One foot adventure leads to another at the barber shop. Be a part of the barber's foot fetish!


Chris Young Adult Performer
Ethan Starr Adult Performer
Kody Fields Adult Performer
David Byrd Adult Performer
Chip Knoll Adult Performer
Star Boy Adult Performer
David Dickens Adult Performer
Mark James Adult Performer


Pigs, Players & Navy Feet评分
★★★★★ ★★★★★
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