Miracle in Lane 2


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Miracle in Lane 2(2000)

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G 89m 电视电影,家庭,剧情,喜剧

Young tween Justin Yoder, who's known for his outgoing demeanor and wit despite being confined to a wheelchair, dreams to be like his athletic older brother and propels himself into the world of soapbox derby racing. It's a field he's sure he has a chance in. Unfortunately, he finds that because of his condition, not everyone is eager to see him compete.


Frankie Muniz Justin Yoder
Rick Rossovich Myron Yoder
Molly Hagan Sheila Yoder
Patrick Levis Seth Yoder
Roger Aaron Brown Vic Sauder
Tuc Watkins God / Bobby Wade
Kara Keough Teresa Guntman
Joel McKinnon Miller Bill Guntman
Freda Foh Shen Dr. Kwan
Judith Drake Volunteer
Rick Fitts Soccer Coach
Jim Jansen Minister
James Lashly Leather Jacket Man
Tom Nolan Baseball Coach
Milt Tarver Elder Statesman
Tom Virtue Announcer
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★★★★★ ★★★★★
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