Asian Dolls Uncut 4


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Asian Dolls Uncut 4(2000)

★★★★★ ★★★★★ 暂无评分
NC-17 120m

Marie Marcos and Mr. Camera - In her video debut; this long haired olive skinned cutie from the Philippines is introduced to the magic of a vibrator. Becoming aroused, watch her expression at the moment she sees Mr. Camera's throbbing cock! Marie gets banged every which way and then both orgasm simultaneously!! Mika Tan and Ray Shannon - Being half Taiwanese and half Japanese Mika Tan is a true Oriental Doll. Having moved to California from Hawaii she models lingerie and during this session, this sultry sexpot calls her lover and then turn Mr. Camera's studio into a lust nest. Her insatiable need leaves everyone in awe. Sarya Ling and Teanna Kai - Here in her first video Sarya Ling, just 21 she is Vietnamese/Chinese with full firm natural breast. Her fantasy is fulfilled when Mr. Cameraman surprises her by having Teanna Kai (in an encore preformance) come to the studio to show her the pleasures of girl lust. Watch as they make each other orgasm away!


Asian Dolls Uncut 4评分
★★★★★ ★★★★★
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