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★★★★★ ★★★★★ 暂无评分
18 110m 喜剧,犯罪

The film is an edgy black comedy set in swinging London in the late 60s. The All Saints girls play three street wise sisters who head 'up West' to rob and generally cause trouble.


Nicole Appleton Gerry Chase
Natalie Appleton Mandy Chase
Melanie Blatt Jo Chase
Derek Deadman Night Watchman
Graham Fletcher-Cook Market Trader
Vinny Reed Stills Photographer
Peter Facinelli Daniel Wheaton
Jonathan Cake Andrew Pryce Stevens
Willie Ross Woodbine
Corin Redgrave Duggie Ord
Sam Kelly Uncle Sid Gallin
James Cosmo Tommy Chase
Renata Habelinkova Bodypainted Girl
Bobby Bluebell Terry the Tripps
John Pearson Mechanic
Sean Gilder The Hawk
Susannah Fellows Birdie Wheaton
Rolf Saxon Alden Wheaton
Louise Hodges Hippie (uncredited)
João Costa Menezes Hippie (uncredited)
Nathan Nolan Bill Clinton
★★★★★ ★★★★★
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