Laughing Boy


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Laughing Boy(2000)

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Is having fun and saying what you really think politically incorrect? Or is it impossible to do both? Cody McKenzie thinks nobody has parties anymore. Maybe they do, but he just isn't invited to any. However, tonight, Cody and his wife Judy are going to a very special party. Elizabeth Sheridan, star of Cody's fantasies, is giving it for the engagement of his best friend. Elizabeth also happens to be a very important player where Cody works. Judy sees the party as a chance for Cody to advance; he sees it as a chance to impress the woman of his dreams.


Joe Grisaffi Cody MacKenzie
Anne Quackenbush Judy MacKenzie
Therese Kotara Elizabeth Sheridan
Garrison Wynn Jerry Sheridan
Michael Gray Mike O'Malley
Tammie Brown Bobby Jo Wagstaff
Bob Gebert Roland Pratt
Tiffany Grant Alicia Dimsdale
Angela Laux Jenny Bush
Barbara Jones Mrs. Ledbetter
Ruth Ann Black Aunt Kitty
Sheila Sawyer Jenny's Friend
Alyssia Dujmovich Babysitter
Chris Matcek Teenager #2
Maria Fonseca Sotolongo Esparanza's Mother (voice)
John Gremillion Bowling Alley Clerk (voice)



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★★★★★ ★★★★★
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