The Most Fertile Man in Ireland


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The Most Fertile Man in Ireland(2000)

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15 (IE) 96m 喜剧

Unimpressive, 24-year-old virgin, Eamonn (Kris Marshall) lives in Belfast with his mother, during the Troubles. Local girl, Mary Malloy (Tara O'Neil) decides that since she has probably slept with every man in town Eamonn should be next on her list. He proves to be quite a catch... and Mary gets pregnant even though she took precautions. A doctor discovers that Eamonn has a very high sperm count and, with the birth rate in Ireland decreasing, Millicent (Bronagh Gallagher) decides to hire out Eamonn to women whose husbands have been firing blanks; all with the blessing of the local Catholic church which sees it as morally better than artificial means.


Kris Marshall Eamon Manley
James Nesbitt 'Mad Dog' Billy Wilson
Tara Lynne O'Neill Mary Mallory
Toyah Willcox Dr. Johnson
Harry Towb Uncle Eugene
Marc O'Shea Raymond
Biggy Bigmore Market Customer
The Most Fertile Man in Ireland评分
★★★★★ ★★★★★
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