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(US) 95m 奇幻,喜剧,科幻,家庭,电视电影

Like lots of young ladies their age, Marci (Vanessa Lengies) and Summer (Caroline Elliott) have boys on their feverish brains. But the closer the girls get to their school's Spring Fling dance, the further they seem from finding dates. A desperate search for dance partners doesn't turn up any leads until the duo finds a magic ring. Aided by their newfound powers, they transform two pet rats into teen dreamboats -- with nightmarish results.


Vanessa Lengies Marci Kornbalm
Caroline Elliott Summer Weingarten
Kathy Baker Doris Trowbridge/Regina Lee Savage
Ron Silver Herb Soric
Jake Seeley Scooter
Barbara Tyson Judy Weingarten
Veena Sood Donna Kornbalm
Stephen E. Miller Officer Henderson
Chelan Simmons Jennifer Martin
Ed Evanko Mayor Ed Feldman
Britt McKillip Young Jennifer
★★★★★ ★★★★★
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