Jet Set


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语言 Español

Jet Set(2000)

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U (ES) 105m 喜剧

In the working-class Paris suburb of Montreuil, Jimmy's restaurant, the Bombay Bar, is on the verge of being closed down by creditors. Jimmy is despondent -- the fact that his wife is about to have a baby isn't helping matters -- when he and his business partner Fifi find unlikely inspiration in the form of "Riches et Sympas," a TV show dedicated to the lives of the rich and famous. Figuring that getting the "right" people to frequent their business will ensure its reputation, Jimmy and Fifi persuade Jimmy's friend, the laid-back, unemployed Mike, to pose as a nobleman and lure his moneyed associates to the Bombay Bar. Mike agrees, and after crashing a posh charity ball, he finds himself being taken in by the likes of society fixture Arthus de Poulignac and Evrard, the latter of whom ensconces Mike in his private mansion. Unfortunately, Mike soon becomes a little too fond of his newly-acquired lifestyle, leaving Jimmy to wonder what to do with the monster he unwittingly created.


Lambert Wilson Arthus de Poulignac
Ornella Muti Camilla Balbeck
Ariadna Gil Andréa Dionakis
José Garcia Mellor da Silva
Elli Medeiros Danièle Joubert
Antoinette Moya Madame Gonsalvès
Aurore Clément Nicole Chutz
Laurent Brochant Rodolphe de Botron
Marina Tomé ANPE employee
Cathy Guetta Mercedes
Armelle Frénégonde
Valérie Benguigui The Baroness
Emanuel Booz Art dealer
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★★★★★ ★★★★★
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