Passeurs de rêves


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Passeurs de rêves(2000)

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Passeurs de Reves opens with longtime sweethearts Dolovan and Zara fleeing from their Mesopotamian village, which has been ravaged by ethnic warfare. As they make their way across the frigid Caucasian Mountains, Zara's parents, who are traveling with the couple, succumb to the elements. Dolovan and Zara eventually make it to a run-down evacuee camp presided over by a friendly Kurdish "tsar," where Zara discovers that her deceased father's suitcase is filled with cash. Although this is ostensibly good news, the cash makes the couple vulnerable to smugglers, dodgy guides, and counterfeiters, all of whom are eager to take advantage of Dolovan and Zara's newfound wealth. To further complicate matters, although they have money, the couple lack necessary visas to continue their journey, and soon Dolovan is taken away by the police. Abandoned in the Ukraine, Zara is robbed and then disappears, while Dolovan, traveling solo, eventually makes it to Paris to reunite with his love.

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★★★★★ ★★★★★
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